Analytics for your Gather.Town Space

We help you understand how your Gather space is used so you can create incredible experiences for remote offices and events.


We support basic analytics data about your space and are hard at work to provide you with a complete analytics dashboard enabling the data-driven design and operation of Gather spaces.

The Essentials

Available Now!

  • Total Visitors

  • Unique Visitors

  • Currently Active Users

Advanced Insights

In Development!

  • Private Space Usage (available!)

  • User & Object Interactions (Object Interactions available!)

  • Movement & Communications


Coming Later!

  • Visualize Advanced Insights

  • Generate reports

  • Explore and understand user behavior


Get 2 months off if you choose yearly billing!

💻 Office Basic


per month

  • Connect your Gather Office

  • Number of Total Users

  • Number of Unique Users

  • Number of Currently Active Users

  • 30-day data retention

  • 72hr turnaround support

🚀 Office Enthusiast
🧪 Early Access


per month

  • Everything in Basic

  • Private Space Usage

  • User & Object Interactions

  • Influence our Roadmap

  • 6 months data retention

  • 24hr turnaround support

❤️ Events


just what you need!

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How does the Setup work?

Setting up Gatherlytics is a simple, two-step process: You copy-paste your Space's URL into our Dashboard and add our Bot as an admin to your space. We will, of course, guide you through this process.

How many Gather.Town spaces can I get analytics for?

You can monitor one (1) Gather.Town space with your Gatherlytics plan. We plan on expanding this to 3 spaces for the "Office Enthusiast" plan once it releases.
If you need to monitor more spaces, email!

How many people from my organization can access the dashboard?

Everyone in your organization can access the dashboard for your Gather Space.

I had an event two weeks ago. Can I get data retrospectively?

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide data for any events or occurrences in your space during the time before you added our analytics bot.

What happens to my data after 30 days if I am on the basic plan?

On the Basic plan, you will not be able to view any data older than 30 days. We still keep your data around for 6 months, so if you need access to it, you can just upgrade to the Enthusiast plan.

Can I recover data by switching to the Enthusiast plan?

Yes! If you upgrade from the Basic plan to the Enthusiast plan, you will gain access to the last 6 months of data.

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